Amethyst Sphere

  • Amethyst Sphere
  • Amethyst Sphere

Amethyst is a beautiful ally in any spiritual endeavors. It helps quiet mind, deepen meditation, mindfulness and awareness. Amethyst connects one with the wisdom within and is used as a dream stone to sweeten, vivify, and recall dreams. It is said to increase psychic sensitivity. In ancient Greece, Amethyst was worked with as a stone of sobriety, and it is still used that way today. Amethyst is also called an "all healer" thanks to its diverse support & healing, it works primarily with the Third Eye & Crown Chakras. Resonating strongly for those who have Aquarius, Pisces & Virgo in their zodiac charts, Amethyst is the traditional and modern birthstone for February. Amethyst planetary affinities are Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus."

1 inch Amethyst crystal sphere
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