Bhakti Anointing Oil


Introducing, our newest offering...

🦋✨ ᗷᕼᗩKTI ᗩᑎOIᑎTIᑎG OIᒪ✨🦋

ᗷhakti ~ Sanskrit for Love & Devotion ~ embodies the feeling & fragrance of this gorgeous oil.
This handcrafted organic essential oil fragrance opens the heart and uplifts body, mind, and Spirit.

ᗷᕼᗩKTI features sacred Pink Lotus, Kashmir Sage, Manuka, Rosewood, Spikenard, and pink rosebuds, and an organic blend of Evening Primrose, Almond, and Jojoba oils.

Each bottle is also blessed by a quartz crystal point to amplify inner beauty, and bring strength and vibrance to every experience. Paired with the herbs and fragrances, this helps to bring a gentle yet powerful heart opening and outpouring of your heart center.

The early release of ᗷᕼᗩKTI ᗩᑎOIᑎTIᑎG OIᒪ won the hearts of the Twee team and had our customers coming back for more!